about the center:

   Ever since its birth, ASEC has been seamlessly integrated with its customers, where knowledge and experience transfer represented a crucial part of every project; human resources training has been an inherent mission to all services offered to customers and hence was the establishment of ASEC training Centre in 1980. Backed with more thirty years of success in studying, constructing and operating of more than 24 cement production lines, ASEC represents an unrivalled source for cement experience which is drawn from real life problem. Besides specialized technical training on cement industry, ASEC Training Centre provides professional and tailor-made training courses.

Instructors and Techniques:

   Courses are instructed mainly by ASEC senior staff members and department managers in addition to a group of distinguished university professors. Courses' instructors are gifted, faithful to the mission and very well trained to use Participative learning methodology where the act as catalysts to create a pool of sound knowledge and experience in the subject they discuss.

  To enhance discussions and experience transfer, more than one instructor and expert participate in each session. Discussion groups and case studies are held to provide continuous interactions between lecturers and participants.

Training Venues:

   ASEC Courses are mainly held in in our well-equipped several training halls, additional to the Simulator & Hydraulic Labs that facilitates practical applications to the courses. Our remarkable ACMC course that is conducted at least once a year with an intensive duration of 35 days, is normally conducted in a magnificent, green and calm 4-star seaside resort, such charming open-air environment naturally results in profound concentration on courses' subjects. Besides, the possibility of physical exercising and playing water sports presents an opportunity for stress relieving and enhances the ability for more learning in a fresher mode. ASEC courses are planned to provide an integrated technical and professional training knowledge

Language and facilities:

     Courses' literature is written in English language to keep track with the sources of technology in cement industry, while teaching and sessions are carried out in both Arabic and English languages to facilitate communication with and among participants. For technicians, courses are written in Arabic while using technical English terminology to familiarize participants with technological terms. ASEC provides for a computer laboratory during courses, where self-learning training packages are loaded to computers, also color printers are available for the use of participants, and web surfing is available during evening hours.

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